Plitvice Lakes is the largest and oldest national park in Croatia. They are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and cover an area of 300 km².

The lake system consists of 16 large and several smaller lakes, which end in beautiful waterfalls, and these waterfalls flow into the river Korana.

The park can be visited on foot, by electric boat (Kozjak Lake) or by train to transport visitors.

The natural beauties of this national park will delight you!



Brijuni National Park consists of 14 islands, the largest of which is Veliki Brijun. You can see dinosaur traces, antique remains, Istrian frescoes and Glagolitic monuments on it.

There are many autochthonous Istrian and exotic animals living in Brijuni. Some of them are mouflon, deer, elephant, llama, camel, Istrian cattle (Boskarin), Istrian sheep and many species of birds.

Staying at Brijuni will give you a completely different experience and we are sure that you will enjoy all its beauty!


In addition to these, we also recommend visiting the Baredine Cave, the medieval town of Dvigrad or some of the Istrian waterfalls, such as Kotli, Zarečki krov, and many others.

Feel free to contact us, and tell us what you would like to visit and we will do our best to fulfill your wishes!