Eno – gastro tour


On this excursion, enological and gastronomical tastings you can taste autochthonous wines, olive oil, cheese, prosciutto, and some other autochthonous meat products.

Wineries are settled on different locations in the northern Istra surrounded by beautiful landscapes through which you are traveling on this excursion.

On some of the locations, you have the opportunity to walk around and experience beautiful and fresh nature which gave the richness of taste to all those wines and food that the wineries are offering.

In Istra, typical and the most significant sort of wine is Istrian Malvasia. Also in this area, there are other characteristic wines called Teran, Muskat, Merlot and Cabernet sauvignon.

The best way to discover the beauty of Istra is to take an enological – gastronomical adventure through these wineries and their wine roads. Arrival to a winery of each vintner leads you through beautiful landscapes, old buildings and every each of them enchants you with his story.








We are sure it will be an experience that will enrich all your senses and give you an unforgettable experience!



A truffle hunt is a special and unforgettable event for any fan of this subterranean mushroom. We will tell you a story of producer’s family truffle hunting tradition and convey the full experience from the adrenaline and anticipation of seeking this treasure to preparing the joint find and enjoying the aromas and flavors of our truffle products and delicacies.